The Holiday Lodge on the shore of Laguna do Bilene

No vehicles on the beach.
except ...

Boat Launching.


Experience Rural Mozambique in Nhabanga

Some time ago there was only unpenatrable African bush on the shore of Laguna do Bilene where the owners of KaiaPraia decided to develop this Lodge here in Nhabanga. With a vision and keen energy they started builing their dream spot under the African sky.
This is where they created their havana under the trees with a 'huisie-by-die-see’ and a sunset view over the water.
[kaia=kaya=home/place, praia=beach = KaiaPraia.]

They made every–one’s dream images become reality for themselves. Today they sit and practice their art in the shade of Maroela, Cashew nut and Palm trees, with the blue sea-water lagoon stretching out infront of them.
When the Mozambican heat rises a little in summer (to April), they also take the few steps off the lawn onto the beach to join the kids where they are building sand castles and frolicing in the clear shallow water.
This life became reality to them and today KaiaPraia lodge offers the same to every welcome visitor.

Nhabanga is a rural Shangaan Village 180km North of Maputo, and 13 km from Bilene. Its friendly locals soon made them feel like family. Now even short time willing visitors to KaiaPraia may get the opportunity to be invited to a traditional Christening or Wedding. It has happened.

The Maroela-festival (February) in Nhabanga is yet another experience when almost the whole village gathers and move from one house to another for a day (two-day?) long party, sampling the home-brew.

It is said (unconfirmed) that Nhabanga means ‘place of the big knives’. Which would be refering to the common Panga one sees here daily, but was used in an event many years ago and marked the village’s creation. Today it is no strange sight to see someone carrying this panga in public where-ever they go.
An interesting recorded Nhabanga historical event can be read here .

* Important *
There is also an alternative to this laid back life style at KaiaPraia; That being the popularity of the lagoon among water sport enthusiasts. Apart from ‘surfing’ (sorry - no big waves)... it offers opportunities which include sailing, canoeing, skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling, paragliding, kite surfing and many more. Bring your own water sport toys and have the time of your life!

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